Have you ever noticed that memories are the strongest when you have a photo that captured the event? It lights up all my senses. It seems I can hear, smell & recall the feeling of the event. I know this is especially true with my childhood photos. They help string together the moments & years.

When my twin daughters where young & their upcoming school test required them to memorize words, we would use post it notes with the words on them, placed around the living room & kitchen. This would assist them in recalling the words based on their location & association. During the test the girls could conjure up a picture of the rooms in their mind & zoom into the word. Similarly, if a lecturer wants to simplify the message & make it memorable they will use a word story or metaphor, which is a word picture. The image metaphor will remain in the hearer’s memory long after they can recall the title of the lecture or even the person’s name delivering it.  Visual images are powerful triggers for the mind.

Consider the power of having images of your best life consistently around you like child hood memories.

Tips to create powerful images for your Vision Board

  1. Use one or all seven areas of life as your framework, refer back to stay on track.
  2. Check in with how you want to feel, not just things you want. Look for a photo that represents that feeling. That’s your first image.
  3. Balance using quotes and photos as images.
  4. Include 1 – 2 images of yourself in a time you felt amazing.
  5. Include some “Santa wish list” images of things/experiences you’ve always dreamed of attaining. Visualize the feeling of living with them & feel gratitude.
  6. Use photos large enough to be viewed from a distance.
  7. Consider leaving white space so the images feel ordered & calm.  Display each image respectfully & so it’s spotlighted.
  8. The images are about the future, not forced but invited into your life.  Every image or object should speak to you on an emotional level.
  9. Pay attention to how images make you feel.  Images may not be positive if they provoke comparison vs. admiration as motivation. When the Vision Board is under development, stand back to see the big picture and reflect on what may be missing.
  10. Physical objects (coins, ticket stub, button), maps, lists, affirmations & colour are all emotion provokers & are equally valuable content for your Vision Board.

When going to rest for the night, spend a few minutes looking at each photo & letting the feeling of it sink into your mind & heart. During the night your mind will continue to turn the image over & over like a baker kneading dough (see what I did there?).  As you live & see opportunities your bread will rise, as you share your visions & intentionally move towards them the bread will bake creating a mouth watering scent. You will gratefully enjoy it when you butter & taste its goodness as you acknowledge & are grateful for manifested visions.   A picture is worth a thousand words or priceless in the power to move you towards your best life.