3 Part Master Vision Board Classes

Why invest in these inspiring three 2 ½ – 3hr self-discovery classes?

You will learn:

1. Dreaming session – Goal setting – to set clear and concise goals, create a clear vision

2. Dig – Discover session – Creating Vision board – where you will create a purposeful and intentional vision board that will align to your goals developed during Dreaming session

3. Declare session – Manifesting – where you will talk about your vision and plan with others to increase the positive energy flow and abundance.
You will learn to:

  • Think more deeply
  • Dig into the familiarity and science of the Law of Attraction
  • Enjoy facilitated discussions with other participants in your class
  • Choose a power word
  • Use the power of Pecha Kucha 20 x 20
  • Identify what sabotages your manifestation
  • Create a Vision Board, via simple steps to successful reflection and manifestation
Who should sign up?
  • Those seeking to uncover themselves & discover their destiny
  • Groups or individuals wishing to connect with purpose and motivation
  • Individuals seeking Relaxation and Stress management
  • Teams or individuals wishing to define goals & ambitions
What you Receive:
  • VIP “Dare to Declare” Vision Board gift pack
  • A custom “Dare to Declare” journal
  • Complete Vision Board supplies
  • Three work books to use during class and at home for reflections
  • Your unique Vision Board of dreams, quotes & words to display
  • Premium Refreshments each class
  • Use of the LIGHT UP studio exclusively prepared for each guest/student
  • Individualized mentor Vision Board contact
  • A belonging to a community of like-minded people whose connection and inspiration together will celebrate & open endless possibilities available to you.

Bring a favourite photo of you when you were in a happy place to add to your board.


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