My “Why” 

I am a proud Canadian Early Childhood Educator.  In my role as a Director of a multi-site not for profit, licenced childcare organization I am privileged to lead a team of 80 employees. 

In 2005 our organization was chosen to pilot a new Provincial document to support breaking research for Early Years called “Early Learning for Every Child Today” or ELECT.  The process radicalled transformed our organization from a theme based curriculum to play based. Surrounding communities were interested in our evolution so I began to offer our story through speaking engagements. 

As our organization grew I observed a concerning trend of anxiety and increased stress levels with the employees.  I recognized that although self regulation, loose parts, adventurous play, professional standards training were all important, unless the educator themself understands their purpose and “why” they will burn out, and nothing else matters.  I understand as a leader that it is the educator themselves that provide the quality to the program. For this reason I began facilitating Vision Board workshops and launched my coaching company Dare to Declare Inc. I believe that all professional development begins with personal development. 

In addition to the Vision Board workshops I added more early years based ones to my repertoire. This new way of “being” as a Child care Director birthed early years workshops such as; Life-Work Blend, Creating a Caring Culture through Consideration, The Image of the Family and Social Media as Story telling.  

I am blessed as a Christian woman to live out my calling as an Early Childhood Educator. I am grateful that I have the forum of public speaking with Dare to Declare and the On line vision board master class to make a BIG positive impact. Connecting people to themselves, to others and to God is my “WHY” and provides me with a deep sense of accomplishment and joy!  

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