A monthly event where one woman shares her personal story of challenges and triumphs and the other women in attendance hold space for her to do so.

Thursday April 13, 2023 at 7:00PM

Dare to Declare Light Up Studio, Chatham ON

Our guest this month is Life & Mindset coach, Michelle Comeau!

“My name is Michelle Comeau! And I am a Life/Mindset Coach. What that really means is I help women who are experiencing beliefs, blocks and behaviors that are holding them back from living the life they truly want. I help them by banishing old habit patterns and forming new ones that help them tap into their inner genius and align with the unique human they came here to be. My training and practice as an Intuitive as well as a Reiki Master allows me to provide an unparalleled approach to coaching.

Taking a holistic attitude towards life and my love for travel often brings me off the beaten path allowing me the opportunity to witness the real beauty of Nature.”

We look forward to hearing from Michelle, and experiencing the magic that happens when powerful women connect! ✨ Seats are limited. Claim yours today!


Juliana Leamen

Founder | Naturally Joyous


Erin Vandersluis

Founder | Erin Vandersluis Design


Tara Downey

Principal & Financial Advisor | Trū Insurance & Investments


Debbi is a coach, trainer, and speaker who specializes in helping people expand their brain’s potential to see what is possible for their future with Vision boards. As a former Child Care Director, Debbi has studied personal development for over 30 years and has facilitated and witnessed science at work by guiding over a thousand clients to identify and declare their Vision both online and in-person in her Dare to Declare studio. 

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