Dare To Shine: Amplifying Your Personal Brand and Influence Through Strategic Visibility


Shine like the star you truly are, without losing the essence of who you are!

With Debbi Sluys & Erin Saxton

Who is Erin Saxton? Erin is an award winning TV producer, PR maven, and keynote speaker having worked on shows including The View, Barbara Walters Specials, and Good Morning America; Through that extensive experience, she was able to carve a niche for consulting and executing effective PR and Marketing campaigns for some of the worlds leading companies and entrepreneurs!

Coaches, Trainers, and Consultants...

You and I both know that in the bustling world of today, it's not enough to just 'be good' at something.

You have to make yourself heard, seen, and felt. You must Dare To Shine!

Now, I'm not talking about turning yourself into some flashy celebrity or overnight sensation.

I'm talking about something much deeper and infinitely more powerful – Amplifying Your Personal Brand and Influence through Strategic Visibility.

It's downright transformational.

Allow me to take you on a tour the successful program I've put together with Publicity Expert, Erin Saxton, on how to shine like the star you truly are, without losing the essence of who you are.

Dare To Shine is about leveraging your unique value, connecting with your audience on a profound level, and creating a personal brand that resonates, inspires, and leads.

This isn't some fly-by-night marketing ploy.

This is about authenticity, strategy, and getting your message out to the masses.

Are you ready to awaken your brand, perfect your pitch, expand your online presence, network with industry insiders, and make a quantum leap in your business?

Then the Dare To Shine program is for you!

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Brand Awakening

You'll kick off this journey by exploring your personal brand. What is it? Why is it crucial? We'll guide you to discover your "why" using Jack Canfield's purpose exercise, going seven layers deep to understand your true driving force. You'll create a one-pager self-image script, master mirror work, and locate where your "why" manifests in your business.

Strengths Explorer

We'll lead you to unlock your unique value by identifying your strengths, passions, and values. You'll learn to create a goal card and understand SMART goals. Ever wondered how to induce emotion if you're "not feeling it?" We'll tap into autosuggestion and explore the science behind it all.

Pitch Perfector

Begin developing a pitch that resonates, penetrates, and leaves a mark - from your heart! You'll learn to target the "Champagne" clients, the ones who appreciate your true worth. Using this heart-centered sales mindset will help you create your I Help statement and identify your client solutions.

Sales Savvy

You'll follow a never-fail sales script and learn to harness the power of imagination in the sale process. Master sales conciousness and learn to leverage the opportunities around you!

Transformational Storyteller

Unleash the storyteller within. We'll also teach you the art of creating programs, never discounting, and how to add value.

Lead Generation & Client Edification

Power up your connections with the best tools for you . Learn about Free Workshops, and Funnels, and how to leverage them like a pro.

Power Networking

Make the virtual world your stage. Learn to show up generously at networking events, and to leverage your collaborations to amplify your online presence.

Presentation Mastery

Command the room with presentation skills that build confidence.

Long Term Growth

Finally, let's build the future. You'll dive deep into goal setting, pricing strategies, delivery coaching, and even explore universal laws with questions like "What is the vision beyond the vision?"


Implement what you are learning with a high level, expertly produced summit experience! Alongside other high achievers and esteemed guests, you will leave with exposure, experience, and a powerful recording of your presentation.


Along the way we'll be adding in bonuses and guest experts in the area of business, publicity, and marketing to help you scale your business.

How The Program Will Work

You will have two classes each week, one taught by Debbi and one taught by Erin. You will be provided comprehensive workbooks to support your learning.

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