Enough Already

“In the 24th century there will be no hunger, there will be no greed, and all the children will know how to read.”
— Gene Roddenberry

Do you feel stuck or as though there is something blocking your progress? I have occasions that I travel through those valleys. I have been looking inward thoughtfully to understand why. I believe that there are layers and I can’t point to one situation or cause to blame. However, I have identified one deep seeded belief I will call “scarcity mindset”. How does this subconscious belief impact my actions and where does it come from? I have some theories.

I am adopted, so from my earliest recollection I was abandoned and rejected. I spent six months in a foster home because I wasn’t physically thriving. This sounds harsh but I wonder… could this have had an impact? I’m not sure but I am turning it over in my mind.

I was raised in a family where funds were very tight and I was taught to be frugal. I was only introduced to “hostess gifts” and generous gift giving when I entered the work-force and observed my Canadian colleagues. I was inspired by their generosity.

In my personality test I am ENFJ (to do this for yourself take personalitymax.com it’s free). I am a leader (surprise, surprise) but my “evil twin” can use those gifts for her own benefit and manipulate.This is where I am challenging myself the most.

To give with no expectation of anything in return. Nothing. No return favour, no influence, status, or even gratitude.

As I challenge myself with this type of generous giving I am moving from a “scarcity mindset” to an “abundance mindset”. I was faced with it even as I was writing this blog last weekend in a hotel. The maid had left an envelope with the instructions to bring it to the front desk. My first thought was, “How will she know it’s us giving her the tip”? Digging deeper to the scarcity mindset, “How will she be able to show her gratitude?” e.g. better service (more towels). I couldn’t believe how that mindset crept in and all the while my conscious mind was busy validating and creating excuses.

Imagine being able to give and not worrying “Am I going to have enough left for me”? From last week’s blog this is part of my “BE” ..BEing and BEcoming. This is trusting in God that he will provide me with all that I need and when “extra” comes my way (and it will) that I can give that away.

I don’t believe in Karma. Now I know why, the intention is backwards. We don’t do good in hopes of it returning to us. We do good, for the sake of good.

Hunger is caused by poverty and inequality, not scarcity. For the past two decades, the rate of global food production has increased faster than the rate of global population growth.
Eric Holt-Gimenez, Contributor, Executive Director of Food First

For the past year and half my teenage son and I have enjoyed the Star Trek series on Netflix. Although an atheist, I appreciated Gene Roddenberry’s vision for the future. He understood that there is enough for us all.

How do you think a mindset of abundance could guide you in your life and business decisions? I believe it will provide me with a piece of my “Be” and support me in my “Do” and yes, promote the Law of Attraction to “Have” .

“It is the struggle itself that is most important. We must strive to be more than we are. It does not matter that we will not reach our ultimate goal. The effort itself yields its own reward.” – Gene Roddenberry