10 keys for an impactful workshop

This past week, I facilitated a workshop with educators on the topic of Parental relationships in early years. I was on a high the next day because I had felt their energy, saw & felt breakthroughs.  That magic is my “why”.  That is also why I am designing a business around Vision Board workshops…because I can’t get enough of that high.

Since I have begun to live on purpose, I recognize I have ideas so strong that they take a grip on my mind and being and won’t let go until I express them.  Verbally expressing doesn’t cut it anymore so I took up blogging.  This also isn’t enough and over the past few years I’ve also used the idea energy to fuel building professional development for our child care educators and those in other communities.  These experiences have allowed me time & practice to hone my workshop facilitating skills.

Recently, I’ve added journaling to my idea-expressing tool kit, having done research based on a Vision Board participant’s feedback that Vision board journaling should be a post graduate workshop.  I’m eager to explore this medium.

10 keys for an impactful workshop:

  • Discuss your workshop idea with others to receive various perspectives & sources of knowledge.
  • Make it fun with play-filled activities. Remember chocolate makes everything better!
  • Begin with goals – what’s in this for me?
  • Make it relevant.
  • Set it up as small groups for participatory discussion.
  • Share personal experiences about the material with the participants & provide a safe environment for them to voluntarily contribute as well.
  • Have a table facilitator & scribe to keep the discussion on track & allow everyone time to share.
  • Offer questions that provoke reflection & deeper thinking.
  • Provide information that connects & builds on other truths & knowledge.
  • Provide quick wins with the promise of long term gains.
  • (see # 2)

As I have under my profile on LinkedIn, one of my greatest rewards is seeing my contributions used to make the lives of others better.  See YOU at a Dare to DECLARE workshop!