I love the affirmation & accelerate, “I am so happy & grateful now that (fill in the blank with the very specific vision) OR SOMETHING EVEN BETTER!

In Jan 2019 I created my Vision board which included an image of the British flag & imagined it would be part of the theme in my new home office. In March 2019, I began corresponding with a lovely yoga instructor in the UK. She shared her plan to host a Self-Care and Wellness Expo. On a zoom call she dreamed out loud & wished she knew someone who could provide a Vision Board workshop for her expo. I laughed and asked, “What about me?!” She asked if I was joking, I said, “No let me check flights”. That night over a year after the creation of my vision board, standing in my bathroom I got goosebumps when I realized why I had the image of the British flag. This was my OR SOMETHING BETTER!

The law of attraction is as real as other universal laws such as the law of gravity. I can help you tune into promoting it to work in your life! If you are in the UK, meet me at the Expo Oct. 13 – 14, 2020 and host you for a Dare to Declare Vision Board workshop.

Email me I am so excited to connect with you so you can begin living your BEST life or ….Double-Dare… SOMETHING EVEN BETTER!

Love and Light, Cheers!