I work at each of childcare offices once a week.  Each time, a little girl asks me for a hug and then steps back looks into my face and says, “What’s your name again?”  At the same centre there’s a little guy who knocks & walks into my office, comes around my desk and, as he’s opening the bottom drawer and reaching in, asks, “Can I have a candy?”  When I say ‘yes’, he knows the routine & says, “Two”?  I, on cue, hesitate and then say, “o….k….” We smile and he unwraps one of the candies, puts the wrapper into my garbage, happily holding his candy in one hand and his grandmother’s hand in the other.

Where does this childlike liberty & confidence evaporate to?  In the last few months I’ve been asked to speak about self-confidence. I’ve also had vulnerable conversations with strong, intelligent & accomplished women who share that they don’t feel confident.

My two confidence building strategies:

  1. I use “fake it until you make and it” and this mindset has gotten me into some amazing places.  Like the time we ended up in the middle of an affluent equestrian show in Spain.  It had beautiful people selling beautiful things beside luxury cars.  There were slick pristine horses, which blended in with the beautiful people. I merely stepped over a few ropes, kept my back straight, walked with purpose and no one questioned my presence.  I don’t always feel that way.  Many times my own brain’s A-track goes on repeat saying “Who do you think you are?” It’s not who I am, but who I am becoming.
  2.  How I fire up my confidence is focusing on my “why”.  My purpose empowers me.  My confidence builds when I ask myself “If not me, then who? If not now, then when?”

And every now and then I give myself a little party.  Yay Me! All the while in gratitude acknowledging my tribe who lifts me, and my God who calms & strengthens me.  May your cause be your confidence that you strut when you step out and ask for the second candy.  Who are you becoming?

The after story;

As I was searching through my old Facebook memories to see if I had any photos of the experience in Valencia to add to this blog, I got goosebumps as my Mercedes popped up on the screen! Mine, that I received a week ago is white, but whoa!  That was seven years ago, and I posted “Oh ya, just in case Bill forgets, this is my next car.” My subconscious had not forgotten that image! Yes, that is the power of the Law of Attraction! To learn more about the power of images and how to live your best life, register for a Vision Board workshop at www.dare2declare.com