Recently at a Vision Board class, I shared how my Mercedes was teaching me a lesson. (My car is a recent manifestation from a Facebook image I posted a few years ago.) I am usually in full speed, multi-tasking mode and this is especially true as I leave for work.  I balance my work bag, coffee & purse as I close the front door. I don’t need to add car keys to that list anymore as the car “senses” when the key is near. I shove my purse towards the door handle knowing the auto lock with pop up.  Only it doesn’t pop up, it elegantly slides up after a respectable moment.  Each time it occurs and I am forced to pause, I smile inside because it makes me slow down.  It also gently guides me into the present.

Through the Vision Board workshops, I’ve met amazing people.  Some have become friends & have recommended authors and books to read.  Recently at a luncheon, I heard myself say, “I don’t have time to read anymore.” Without skipping a beat, as I knew what her response would be, I mouthed what she replied to me, “Its’ what you make time for.”  I know, I know!

For the past five years, I’ve developed the habit of waking, reaching for my phone and posting an inspirational quote.  These continue to be daily affirmations and accountability for me to remain positive throughout the day as a Child Care Director of a multi-site organization. Thanks to encouraging feedback from Facebook friends, I have kept this daily habit alive. However, like any even “good habit”, I needed to determine if it was still serving me. I recognized it was stealing my time.  This realization, the challenge to read more and my Vision Board goal of more intentional prayer time with God, told me my morning routine & habits needed to change.

My new morning routine for the past five weeks has been:

  • Upon waking, think of something I am grateful for.
  • Get ready for the day – shower, dress, hair, makeup.
  • Reflect on the images on my Vision board and feel them as though they are already in my life.
  • Before eating, I bow my head and spend time in prayer.  I am: thankful, in awe, and send requests for myself and others. I ask for guidance and safety.
  • My breakfast (if you’re curious) consists of rye toast, soft boiled egg, yogurt, banana and coffee.
  • I read my Bible. I am working through the book of Proverbs and read ½ – 1 chapter in a sitting.  I love quotes and it’s full of wise statements. I use a yellow highlighter for those that align with my Vision Board curriculum or speak directly to my heart.
  • THEN I open my social media: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. I then formulate an inspirational quote to post.

To my delight in the past five weeks, I have found ½ – 1 hr extra each morning! By changing my social media habit to the end of my morning routine, I now I have time to read! I found time to follow my intuition & send individual messages to those who pop into my thoughts. The messages & ideas have created beautiful connections and results (Law of Attraction).

Is there something that is stealing your time and no longer serves you?  What habit can you eliminate or change that will provide you with the gift of time?  Have you read a good book recently that positively clarified your thinking?  Please share in the comments!

My car continues to elegantly teach me to pause and slow down.  I now have time to take a leisurely morning work commute with my sunroof open, say my affirmations out loud and be grateful for my newly found hour of time.