I am a BAD mother!

The words I said in horror when I realized what I had done. Reuben is 9 &12 years younger than his twin sisters & older brother. I was buzzing through life. He met me at “Eryn” the birthday child’s door with a solemn face. He said four words, “HIS name is AARON”. I had sent a gift of a flying Barbie doll, thinking this was an appropriate gift for a boy to give his little female friend. He & I hightailed it to the nearest department store & bought as many toys as I could fit into a “boy themed” back pack.
Shame burned red on my cheeks. I felt that the juggling of being a “career mom” had caught up with me & my failure was on full display.

My journey began to self discovery & revealed such truths as: “Other people’s opinions of me, are none of my business”.
I discovered the strength of vulnerability, the deep joy of sacrificial love, my sense of humour & the liberty to be “ME”.

Do you feel like you are buzzing around, or spinning plates (Barbie’s) in the air? What is it costing you for not following your dreams? What is it costing those around you, for you not following your dreams?
I can help you design a Vision, create Goals for daily clarity & a plan of action that will enable to you to Dare to Declare your Best Life!