“Quit your job and travel”. There seems to be pressure on social media for people to quit their jobs & live an Instagram life.

Recently, I was coaching Marcia (I have her permission to share her story). A day before our Vision Board workshop she was offered a new job. She hated her current job & this met all of the “check marks” (closer to home, a new challenge & more money). Due to less weeks of vacation she was conflicted. When we examined it through her Visionary Best Life lens, she realized she was equaling or gaining time with the shorter commute, ability to work from home and flexibility to create long weekends. She is not sure if this is her “dream job” but after prayerful consideration she knows it is an ACTION step forward meeting a GOAL toward her VISION of what will be.

We aren’t entitled to easy. Decisions such as Marcia’s are difficult. Having a clear vision gave her clarity. The only thing “Quitting” is the notion of how things are “supposed to or should” be.

Journal, meditate, pray & create a Vision board to uncover your Best Life! I know I can help you Dream, Discover & Declare your Vision through my Dare to Live your Best Life coaching program. Reach out to me to set up a chat!

Love and Light,