In Sync: Couples Vision Board Workshop

Discover how you as an individual and the two of you as a couple can realize your dreams together, in sync.

As a couple, you will:
  • Create a Vision Board that reflects your individual goals and dreams, as well as all you can be as a couple.
  • Gain understanding and benefit from the Law of Attraction.
  • Learn how to stay focused on your goals and bring them to reality.
Who should sign up?
  • Couples who want to work together to accomplish their life’s dreams.
  • Those couples who are curious about how the Law of Attraction can benefit them.
What you Receive
  • Complete Vision Board supplies
  • Use of the LIGHT UP studio, specifically designed for Vision Board workshops
  • A light dinner of finger foods and refreshments

Bring a photo of you as a couple when you were in your happy place.

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