This week a new LinkedIn contact reminded me of the spelling source of my name. I was named Deborah Grace. Named for the strong biblical judge and my grandmother. My parent’s shortened it to Debby. At 16 I changed the spelling to Debbi (no “e”) because I could and it felt like a fresh start after a devastating break up with a boy friend.

When she wrote a P.S. and apologized for adding an “e” to my name I was reminded of why I changed it. It was a way to feel brave, independent and create a “do over”. I am proud of my sixteen year old self. I wish I could spend a weekend with her & offer Visionary coaching. I would tell her she’s beautiful, she is enough, and not to let anyone dull her sparkle by telling her to quiet down. I would coach her to grow into her Vision of her new spelling of her name.

Do you have a power word? It’s a singular word that inspires, motivates & moves to action. My middle name Grace is from the Greek “Charis” meaning favour, goodwill or thanks. I get to live into that power each time I say and write my name. As we join for a national day of Thanksgiving (Canadian) may you feel “Charis”. Do you know the root of your name? Drop it below, what does it mean to you?