After a meeting today, one of my colleagues reached out to me and said she couldn’t wait to take my Vision Board class.  Encouraged by her comment, I asked “Why?”  She said that following my social media posts about choosing a “Power word”, she had chosen the word JOY because she was on mission in 2018 to find it.  She shared that over the past two years, as a child care supervisor, she had lost her “joy”.  As a Director of a similar sized not-for-profit child care, I knew exactly what her struggles were that had brought her to this point.  She witnessed that her “power word” Joy was bringing her happiness because since she had adopted it, it was popping up every where!  She said at Christmas one of her childcare parents gave her a gift in a bag that had the word joy printed on the outside.

I am eager to work with her to find her joy.  However, I don’t believe she’s lost it. It needs uncovering.  It’s exactly where it’s always been…in her heart & mind. With a disposition of gratitude, aligning her goals, discovering her visions & declaring her dreams, all of the other stuff merely become weak distractions.  She then invites in positivity & settles into the moment. She moves forward into her best life, pursuing her passion & being the gentle, wise, lovely, joy-filled world changer God created her to be.

What’s your Power word?  Like my colleagues it should be positive & a call to action or reflection.


Loris Malaguzzi – father of Reggio Emilia approach