Howie Mandel can make me laugh. I recall finally getting my twins down for a nap, my 3 yr old quietly playing and laughing so hard at the TV that tears were streaming down my face. It was also fueled by little to no sleep & hormones but I remember the release I felt.

When I coach women to envision their ideal partner, a sense of humour is consistently at the top of the list as a desirable attribute. Besides being very handsome, it is one of the things I love most about my husband. I feel a deep love for him when we are guffawing together.

I also believe it is a gauge for healthy #workcultures. When you hear spontaneous laughter you know overall #wellnessprograms #wellbeing are a priority.

Let’s do a #selfcheck :
– Are you able to laugh at yourself?
– Are you able to see the humour in a situation?
– Do you seek out people or situations who make you laugh?

There are many benefits to having a good giggle: reduces anxiety and other negative emotions, burns calories, and you breathe better afterwards!

How can you #intentionally incorporate laughter into your daily life? Please share in the comments your favourite joke, meme or funny situation.

(The photo: wedding themed fundraiser & the photographer surprised us with a gag.)