How Coaches Can Accelerate Their Success with a Vision Board

A masterclass to show you how Vision boards can help you grow and scale your coaching business.

July 3, 4:30 PM EST

After You Attend this Masterclass You’ll…

✨ Discover the importance of creating a Vision

Reveal what isn’t a Vision board

Uncover the connection between Neuro-science and Vision boards

Learn the value of Vision boards in a coaching program.

✨ Explore how to monetize Vision boards to grow your business.

What others are saying about Vision boards.

The Vision board workshop enabled me to get clear on what I really want to focus on in life and create a visual representation of it. I was able to reflect on different areas of my life and draw clarity and connect to my long term vision. The process was great and Debbi was very good at holding the space. It’s a fun yet powerful way to focus on what you want to create in your life.

Sobiya Jawaid

Leadership and Confidence Coach

I’ve been making vision boards for 10 years but I’ve never created a board like I did while working with Debbi. I love my board, but more importantly, I LOVE how I feel knowing and seeing what my visions are.  Her guidance and coaching was imperative in pushing my edges to help me see what I most want to create. The end result was perfection. The key is; she already saw it in me, her genius is getting her to see it in myself. She is like a master painter that allows the work to flow through her. Thank-you Debbi for giving your gift to the world.

Gina Urzi

Executive/Conscious Leadership & Relationship Coach

I was a little skeptical about the whole law of attraction and vision boards. I’m not very creative either however Debbi did an amazing job in guiding me an challenging me to think bigger. She really puts you at ease and guides you through excercises so you envision your best life. Interstingly I declared my vision board and a week later somebody reached out to me about an amazing opportunity that i had envisioned, so it certainly works.

Akeel Hassan Kazmi

Upskill Professinal Development Executive Coach

I created a vision for myself and life in a new way, and in a way that inspires me. The vision board itself makes me smile and feel amazing every time I look at it. i recommend you work with Deb – she’s brilliant.

Ryan Mathie

Co-Founder CEO, High-Performing Coach

I participated in a 3 session Vision Board Program with Debbi and it blew me away! I started creating not only my vision, but my vision beyond my vision and it was super stretchy. Before I even had my board complete 3 things manifested right away! She is thoughtful in her approach and challenges you to dream big! I highly recommend her workshops and her personal coaching program!

Tina Brigley

Breakthrough Results Coach, Head of Social Influence

My group did a guided vision board class with Debbi, she is fantastic. It’s an amazing experience that I highly recommend. It is a life changing experience that allows you to really dig and determine what it is you want, how you will get it, and how you will manifest it.

Cassandra Bradshaw

Mortgage Agent at Real Mortgage Associates Inc


Hey there!


I’m a Canadian girl from Ontario, formally a Childcare Director who:

treasures family (I’m a mom of four)

✨ reads motivational books (using a highlighter for the good parts)

loves peanut butter anything, and appreciates the “little things in life” (like twinkle lights or a strong cup of coffee)

✨ and is a little bit “fancy” zipping around in my new miami blue porsche.

I’m kicking up my business to help educators and coaches create their Vision (board) so that they can declare and experience their BEST life of abundance!

Dream – Discover – Declare!


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