OWL WAIT… If I wait five seconds my 10-month-old grandson Judah will mirror my actions whether it be waving, growling (like a dinosaur) or laughing. Five seconds can seem like a long time if you are distracted.

As a leader in Early Years I discovered The Hanen Centre’s acronym O.W.L O-Observe W-Wait L-Listen. It is an invitation to be present and give space to see what are often delayed miracle moments as Judah processes information and responds.

I heard a second acronym this week – W.A.I.T. I get excited when single words can create an impact! This one supports my role as a Personal Development & Empowerment Coach. W-Why A –Am I –I T –Talking? Why am I talking? What a powerful reflective question!

Listen, listen, listen… you will experience joy, love & abundance! When we are in the mindset of being present and listening, we are living wholeheartedly and giving becomes our theology. Being an owl & waiting takes practice to create a transformed way of “being”.

I would be delighted to be your accountability partner & coach to uncover limiting beliefs or distractions which are keeping you stuck or not focused on living your BEST Life! DM & let’s schedule chat!

One more word for you… L.O.V.E. Living .Our .Vision.Everyday!

Love & Light,