You deserve to discover your dreams. To overcome your fears. To uncover how to create your very best life.  It took me years to develop at strategy that worked for me. This unqique system helped me not only discover my dreams, but to DECLARE them.

I’ve led thousands of indivduals all across North America in the creation of their Vision Boards.

Now… I’m so happy to be offering an online version for YOU! Do it yourself with the Dare to Declare Vision Board Course and Magazine!


What’s included in the Dare to Declare Vision Board Course?

  • Instant access to nearly 2 1/2 hours of online training, guidance and inspiration
  • 8 chapters / 30 lessons of an actual Vision Board workshop in my exclusive Light-Up Studio teaching my step-by-step process for creating your vision board
  • The NEW exclusive Dare to Declare Vision Board Magazine! This one-of-a-kind tool will help you create your Vision board with ease. It includes 200+ client approved images and power words. You will be contacted after registration to confirm shipping details. 
  • Checklist and PDF downloads
  • Invitation to a private Facebook group where you can share your goals and Vision board as well as seek support and guidance from Debbi and her community
  • Live coaching call

Group of 3 or More?

8 Chapters. 30 Lessons. Nearly 2.5 hours of powerful training and inspiration!
This is my own Step-by-Step Process to create a POWERFUL VISION BOARD to help you discover and achieve your dreams! 

Dream. Dig. Discover. Declare!

I’ll take you inside my exclusive LIGHT-UP STUDIO for an actual VISION BOARD WORKSHOP.

What some of my happy Visionaries are saying:

“My D2D Vision Board experience continues to live throughout my daily life. It has helped me take my “someday” and “daydreaming” kind of thinking to affirmations that help me keep healing and growing into my best self: emotionally, physically, spiritually.

It helps me to be secure in my intentional choices to reach goals, no matter the size, while celebrating the journey along the way. The vision boards themselves bring me focus, clarity, reassurance and a meaningful visual that I mindfully created; that I draw energy and motivation from every time I look at them.

Debbi provides an environment that is peaceful, free from judgements and full of flowing inspiration. Debbie offers an insightful, wholistic and evidence based practice for all vision board creators to learn from and embrace. I continue to be pleasantly surprised as more things align in my everyday life that I know are a direct outcome of my D2D Vision Board experience and a rejuvenated belief in myself.

Thank you so much Debbi xo”

Kristen Banfield

“Debbi is an absolute blessing when it comes to supporting others. 

Having attended her Her Dare to Declare Vision Board Workshop, I walked away with an empowering reconnection to my intuition as I realigned with my vision to declare my dreams. With a focus on the Law of Attraction, our group learned how to apply its principles to affirm the authentic pathway my heart calls me to follow.

After attending the workshop, I booked two clients within a week of the session. Focusing on my vision board daily, I have aligned with my vision to achieve a full client base. I’m booking three months in advance for new all projects and am on target to soon meet a six-month advanced booking calendar. I live each day with a clear vision of the steps to take to manifest my vision for a life aligned with my most authentic self.

The Dare to Declare Workshop is powerful, empowering, and well worth the investment! Highly recommended for anyone who is looking to rediscover the power of their personal vision as they Dare to Declare it for themselves!

Susan Wright
Founder ~ Nurtured Inspirations

“I went into this vision board workshop without expectations other than an intention to keep my mind and heart open. I was amazed with the realizations this brought.

Sharing this with like-minded women was powerful to say the least. It feels as though it took on a life of its own, opening up authenticity and realizations that otherwise may not have been recognized and released. There were unique connections made and I think we all felt this same energy.

I know that I, just as everyone else, has a spark within, this workshop was a means of igniting this and bringing it to life.

It left me filled with intense inspiration!” 

Cristina Lucia

“My experience with Debbi’s vision board workshop was mind and heart opening.

Even after just a couple of weeks I’ve already experienced achieving some of the goals from my board! 

Debbi’s authentic approach to her workshops encourage you to dare to declare all the good in your life. I highly recommend her!”

Corinne Garlic