I was running late. I had to circle the block twice to get a parking spot. It looked like someone had roped off a farm gravel driveway. I decided the green parking ticket box was merely for decoration.

Off I rushed to the upper floor in downtown Chatham, Ontario. It was exciting to meet another Chatham-Kent “booster”, Florin Marksteiner. He loves Chatham-Kent & his enthusiasm is contagious. He has big dreams. He owns & hosts an on-line radio program: Radio CK #Bizchat. Florin brings in local talent for interviews & showcases upcoming musicians. Our paths crossed a couple of times before he invited me for an interview. As I was arriving, a beautiful woman from Peru was leaving having just completed her interview. She shared her big dreams to bring culture from Peru to Chatham-Kent.  I felt at home with these dreamers.

Florin asked great questions & built my confidence. You’ll hear it in the podcast as I become more excited sharing the Dare to Declare story.

After I had waved goodbye and tip-toed across the gravel in my heels, I looked up to see a waving, beige, rectangular paper under my wiper!  A ticket?

The parking ticket was an unpleasant hiccup in my day.  Like the ticket, bumps will occur during your emotion journey towards your goals.  It may be that someone tries to talk you out of your goal, rejects your idea, or you don’t take responsibility for your life & resort to blaming or complaining.

The Law of Attraction has the word ACTION embedded into it.  By following obvious action & acting on inspiration you will achieve your goals.  The obvious action is like driving at night and not being able to see more than 100 feet ahead. By trusting your headlights and continuing to drive the lit part of the road, you will eventually reach your unseen destination.  Inspired action is acting on that unique & positive idea.  How many missed opportunities have you had because you didn’t follow the pull of inspired intuition?  Did you know that 1 hour of inner action such a mediation & affirmations equals 7 hours of outward behavior?

So although the parking ticket decorated my refrigerator door for a few weeks, taking action by making time to pay it at the Municipality simply took care of it and I moved on.  I love this acronym regarding barriers from Jack Canfield: SWSWSWSW Some will, Some won’t, So what? Someone’s waiting!

There is power in declaring your dreams out loud. Say & feel them in affirmations for 30 consecutive days, as though they are occurring in the present. Such as, “I’m so happy & grateful that I am a regular radio guest sharing positive messaging with my own parking spot”.

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