Palm to the forehead… I just realized the Power of Images began my entrepreneurial adventure!

This past summer with more public speaking engagements I felt I needed professional head shots. What I got was a life changing perspective!

The final 10 photos were what I called my “tomorrow girl”. “I want to be her”, I told my family & friends.

Heike Delmore the uber talented photographer suggested one of the photos be for my book. I replied, “What book?” She said, “The book you should be writing”.

I believed I could be that “tomorrow girl” My tribe just smiled & said, “You are her already”, but I knew I had a ways to go.

It moved me into action to hire a marketing agency, researching, reading, connecting with experts & creating a dream from the vision that the images of myself had inspired.
The power of the images propelled me to align with who I saw in the photographs.

I’m only a few weeks away from the website, physical studio & curriculum all coming together & begin the dream I envisioned 7 months ago.

I am so excited to facilitate the same power of images through the Law of Attraction using Vision Boards with you! Thank you for sharing it with me!

Do you have a story to share about being inspired to dream bigger & taking action? I can think of ten brave women right off my head who I know are sparkling doing what they love! I hope they chime in so their stories can inspire others.