With her background as a Childcare Director and skills in public speaking, Debbi will inspire and empower people to live their best lives and be the best professional they can be by realizing their inner power, balancing their lives and understanding the perspectives of others.

Speaking Subjects:

You Are a Visionary
with 20/20 Vision

Debbi will help the audience learn a simple concept that will change their lives: Once you realize that you have created your current conditions, you can uncreate them and recreate them at will. Wow! Discover your vision. Get quiet to get clear. Give yourself permission to dream.

Life-Work Blend

Everyone wants the perfect blend of life vs work in their life…but how to achieve it? Debbi will lead your group through 10 simple tips that will help them enjoy both the personal and professional sides of their lives. Some of the concepts discussed: eliminate time-wasting people, how to set your limits and the best way to use technology to make space for yourself in your schedule

Image of the Family and Educator

Debbi uses her years as an educator to help other educators build more positive relationships with parents by better understand their responsibility to parents and identifying barriers to communication by experiencing the parent’s perspective.

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