September is MY Happy New Year and 8 new Insights

Do you know that feeling when you figured something out or learned something new? Do you clap your hands, put them in the air, laugh with astonishment or whoop out loud? YES me too!

All of that good feeling from your accomplishment is the chemical dopamine flooding your brain. You can’t get this motivating chemical without stepping out of your safe zone. A friend gave me this example of goals.

  • Goal A – What you already know- safe not passionate
  • Goal B – What you think you “should” want and do – not inspirational
  • Goal C – Fantasy Goal – the thought of it makes you want to throw up

Which do you think when accomplished gives you the biggest hit of dopamine?

Since the Dare to Declare doors opened in April 2018 I have had eight major insights which gave BIG hits of dopamine.

1 – Time is a resource. It is as valuable as anything else you have in your “tool box”.

What I have learned & experienced is: Give yourself the gift of time. Don’t waste time. Value your own time. Plan your time.

2 – You are the expert of your experience. I did not see myself as others did. I disregarded my gift of being visionary. I believed everyone thought as I did.

What I learned & experienced is: to value my story and all it has to offer to myself (see point 3) and for others. I trusted my instincts and valued my own contributions.

3 – Value of self awareness. In order to know where you are going you need to know where you’ve been and who you are.

What I learned and experienced is: self discovery is process I wish I had begun in my 30’s as it may have prevented hardship and heartbreak. It’s never too late.

Brene Brown says that “If you can’t ask for help without self judgement, you can not offer help without judging others.” Every leader needs to learn this four letter word – HELP.

4 – No PLAN B – I am in admiration of those who have jumped into their purpose with both feet. I heard from two leading women in the Thirty One Gift direct sales company at a recent Vision Board retreat that they had no PLAN B.

What I have learned and experienced is: when I focus and align with my vision for Dare to Declare and invest meaningful time with habitual affirmations it is as though the gas pedal is down. The law of attraction is on and I see miracles at a rapid pace. When I set out goals with details and dates and ASK, BELIEVE and prepare to RECEIVE my goals manifest.

5 – HE is GOD and I am not. Does the law of attraction fit into the belief of a sovereign God? This could be a blog on it’s own.

What I learned and experienced is: I have a responsibility and privilege to use and claim the gifts God gives me. I am invited to be in a state of gratitude.

6 – Getting Clarity. Figuring out what you want

What I learned and experienced is: much of what we want is just the “how” or vehicle. It’s about how you want to show up in life. See the past Blog “If you’re happy and you know it” BE, DO & HAVE.

7 – Judgement needs to be rooted out.

What I learned and experienced is: judgement begins with judging myself which I need to root out and stop.
Read Judgement Detox by Gabrielle Bernstein.

8 – Gratitude is the queen of mindset.

What I learned and experienced is: When you are in a state of gratitude you can not hold anger. It takes 21 days to create a habit and by practicing gratitude you will begin to see the world differently. You will see the Universe as trying to help you.


Someone recently told me she thinks of September as the second NEW YEAR. A time to begin fresh, set new intentions & learn new things. A bit of internet research revealed that Sept. 20th is Rosh Hashanah the Jewish New Year and Enkutatash Sept. 11th the Ethiopian New Year. That’s pretty cool “coincidence” since I use the Jewish word “Chutzpah” when I describe my disposition at the inception of my company. What are you open to learn about? Are you ready to ask for HELP?

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