Three benefits to publishing a positive daily affirmation

I am easily identified zipping around town in my Sport Mini Cooper.  This week I parked “Casy” returning from my lunch break & discovered later at 5pm that I had hooked the front bumper on a parking curb spike.  My reasoning was to put the car in reverse as I believed it would come out as it had gone in. It did come out but so did my front bumper and fog lights in tow. I was horrified.

I felt like crying, it was a cold snowy night. I tried to pick up the front end, but couldn’t lift & push it in. My daughter & son in law came to my rescue & with the assistance of two zip ties put it back together.

Much earlier that morning a friend sent me a photo of a t-shirt that read “Radiate Positivity”. Inspired, I quoted it on Facebook. Standing in the empty parking lot, shivering in the cold, I really wanted to vent what a crappy day it had been. As I was ready to complain to my children, I recalled my morning’s Facebook post. I reasoned I had two ways to respond.  I chose to thank them for coming to my rescue & invited them to dinner. My youngest son was elated as the whole family ended up going out and he said it was the best way to begin his March break.

A negative thought is like the spike, small but can do so much damage. Had I chosen to share my negative feelings, they would have escalated into self pity & also affected my children. People regularly thank me for the daily social media posts.  I always respond, “They are my daily accountability. I’m so pleased they resonate with you, but truly they are for me.” I can’t respond in a miserable way when I have put out “radiate positivity” to the world on social media!

  1. Created a habit of positivity
  2. Support me to pause at the temptation to vent
  3. Promote a self check in before I react.

I am giggling about it now as my handsome giant 6’4” hubby graciously took it to the Mini auto repair shop an hour away.  I couldn’t help but ask if everything was mini. He didn’t laugh. I wasn’t radiating as brightly but I was grateful it wasn’t my radiator!

Although even a radiator can be magical!

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