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Hi Debbi,
I just wanted to thank you so much for your presentation yesterday evening. You are such an inspiring woman and speak such powerful words. Last night was a great reminder to focus and thrive for the best. This presentation came to me at a perfect time in my life when I really needed it.

Anyways, thank you again for your words of wisdom and the passion that you put in. I hope to attend an other one of your presentations soon!

Christine Alberti

But to declare that I wanted more than that

When I went to a Vision Board Workshop, taught by Debbi Sluys, I had no visions of becoming a famous writer. I wanted to improve my craft, yes, and if I did increase my readership, then all the better. But to declare that I wanted more than that. It just wasn’t on my radar. Then Debbi said, “Despite what you say, I think you do want to be a famous writer.” I insisted, “Nope. Not me.” Then as we talked, it hit me, I was afraid to ask for this as my vision. I am a good writer. Why couldn’t I dream of more? Oh but, what will you do when your husband retires? He’ll want to spend time with you.  Dare I say no to him? And what about setting a deadline?  I might be disappointed if I don’t keep it. And what if I did succeed in my goal to be a well-known author, what then? Then I wondered, “Are these legitimate concerns or just excuses not to dare?

Gillian Andrews

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Debbi is someone who leads with her whole heart and mind.


Debbi is someone who leads with her whole heart and mind. Her leadership not only engages people, it captivates and motivates others to continue to be their best. Those seeking inspiration and a desire for growth will surely benefit from Debbi’s ability to feed one’s soul!

~ Carrie~

Deb recognized this and gently encouraged and challenged me

I struggled a bit with selecting what things that I wanted to put on my vision board and was unknowingly limiting what I let myself pick …Deb recognized this and gently encouraged and challenged me to…not place limits. …[Deb’s] passion and commitment to help inspire and empower others will shine through in her coaching as she helps you “uncover” and declare yourself…


Have you ever met someone and thought…WOW!

Have you ever met someone and thought…WOW!….She really has it all together!! That is exactly what I thought when I first met Debbi Sluys. I was lucky enough to have an opportunity to learn from Debbi that it was okay to not always have it together. She taught me that it is all a process and that even with all that she has accomplished in her career that there can still be a capacity to learn and love. There is always time learn new things not only about myself but the world around me.

Debbi’s passion for what she does is contagious!! She has the ability to make everyone feel welcomed and comfortable in any situation. Debbi inspires people to follow their dreams and find the joy in the little things everyday. Her commitment to empower people shines through her sparkle and makes you believe that anything is possible.


I am so blessed and proud to call her my mentor and friend.


Debbi’s ability to lead, guide and inspire is rooted in her lifelong commitment to learning and growing through personal reflection and professional development.  She exhibits boundless energy and passion for any task she sets her mind to.

Debbi understands that her passion, drive and insatiable curiosity are all gifts from God and that by sharing her skills knowledge and expertise she can empower people to achieve personal and professional goals.

She has the unique ability and capacity to help you discover hidden strengths and untapped potential to move your life forward. What I love most about Debbi is that she believes in you more that you believe in yourself and loves seeing good things happen to those she cares about.

I am so blessed and proud to call her my mentor and friend.


It is ok that I do not have the answers

I really reflected on this afternoon on my drive home. I am trying to figure out why there  is this wall that I am building around myself that makes it so difficult for me to realize how good things really are in my life. I think I have just figured it out. It is my perception of what I think people are asking of me. I feel that a person in my position should be able to provide advice and wisdom to my staff when they come to me with their problems.  I just realized on my way home that it is ok that I do not have the answers. So the next time this happens I am going to remind myself it is ok to not have the answers. I think we talked about this in a couple of different ways today. But it just finally sunk in.  Repeat, repeat, repeat!!!!!


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