Out of your Comfort Zone? You are in Your Zone of Greatness!

Three Keys to “Own your Zone”!

“I was out of my comfort zone” is a phrase I hear regularly. I assume what the storyteller is saying is that they were doing something they wouldn’t regularly do and were not feeling comfortable doing it. When I was telling my story about how I came to do Vision Board workshops, my friend stated, “You must have been out of your comfort zone.” Although I understood why she said it, my answer was, “No, I actually felt that it I was in my comfort zone.”

1 – Say Yes
I’m not exactly sure when uncertainty and new challenges became my comfort zone. I believe it happened last spring when I decided to say “Yes” when opportunities presented, even if I had no plan or idea how they would turn out.

2 – Let go of outcomes
Letting go of the control of outcomes has been scary, but has offered many rewards. By attempting to control outcomes, I had to control the flow of the process and in doing so, I was creating limits for my success.

For example, last summer I debated cancelling a workshop when I had only two registrants. I didn’t and that day made two incredible friends & colleagues… both of whom I am collaborating with on big projects in 2019. They are supporting my goals!

I was contacted by a stranger from out of town asking to meet for coffee and wanting me to speak at something new she was offering in our town called “Tribe”. I said, “Yes” before I knew what it entailed and in the process have gained her as a friend and colleague. My Tribe talk was life/soul changing and opened up many new connections to share passion through Vision Board workshops.

In 2017, at the beginning of my Vision Board journey, I was contacted by the Women’s Centre and asked to offer a workshop for their clients. I said, “Yes” before I had even built my curriculum or studio. I was inspired to create a workshop called Dreaming for that particular group of women, which has been enthusiastically received by many others since and is unique to Dare to Declare.

3 – Be Ready to Receive
In these instances and many more this past year, if I had solely used my head and not checked in with my instinct I would have missed out on the rich relationships and opportunities that were presented to me. Using instinct and feeling will guide you and exude an undiscovered confidence. By acting on a disposition of gratitude you will live intentionally in the present and be aware of opportunities as they manifest. Lean into your “greatness comfort zone”. Make friends with the unknown & embrace the flow and colourful surprises life has to offer.