By Darlene Findlater

I did my first Vision Board in February of 2018. I was a point in my life where I felt like I was swimming under water with a straw that was barely above the surface. My job was weighing me down so much that it was spilling over into my private life and affecting everything I did. My family was unfortunately receiving the brunt of if. This is not what I wanted for them or myself.

Something needed to change…fast!

Debbi asked me to come to her house for her very first vision board class. I was honoured and humbled that she believed in me enough to give me this opportunity. I knew in my heart that this was going to be the start of something amazing. When she asked me to bring a couple of photos of a time when I was happy, it surprised me how far back I had to go in my photos to capture when I thought I was happy. It saddened me really. This solidified that I needed to make a change.

When I arrived at her house she had everything I would need all laid out on her table. It was just waiting for me. At that moment I knew things were going to get better. Debbi so gently, guided the other participant and I through her curriculum. With each new slide of the class I was feeling more comfortable with the process. There was only one problem. There were 7 life areas to focus on and I was struggling to set goals for each one. How could I set goals for all of these areas when I feel like I have so much to work on with my self esteem and self image? I felt a little defeated. I reluctantly asked Debbi if I could just focus on three areas as I felt that was what I could handle at that time. At first she encouraged me to try to do all seven areas. But, she quickly realized that I was struggling and lovingly coached me through those areas until I had enough to fill my vision board.

I was so proud of that Vision Board. I displayed it in a high traffic area of my house. This was intentional so that I would see it several times a day. This helped to remind me of the goals I had set and then all of a sudden it became routine to stop and look at it several times each day. It took me a while to realize that things were manifesting on my board. My power word for

2018 was JOY and it was in the centre of my board. I was finding joy again in the little things each day. Daily Affirmations were so helpful for me to remind me of that power word. Soon I was automatically finding joy. Or, maybe it was finding me because my heart was suddenly open to it again!! The images that I had glued to my board were coming true. I was feeling worthy of joy. I was giving compliments to people and in return I was feeling so good about that. My life was turning around and I was feeling brave enough to live my life the way I always wanted to.

My first vision board has completely manifested. Except for one image but, the first step to that happening did happen. So, that to me is amazing!! Around late fall, early winter of 2018 I knew that it was time to make a new vision board. I was talking with Debbi about new goals and that I felt that I could definitely tackle the seven life areas now. I started writing down my goals and together with Debbi I created a plan for my new board. I also decided on my new Power word for 2019….Grateful! My board is beautiful and I am completely inspired by this accomplishment. I take time each day to look at each image on my board. Within two weeks things began to manifest. It surprised me how fast it began. But, I should not have been surprised because the Law of Attraction is real and I am proof of that!!

2019 is going to be an incredible year! I am so excited for the things that are coming my way. Maybe by June it will be time to make Vision Board 2019 2.0!