1:1 Vision Board Experience

Work directly with Debbi 1-on-1 to create a compelling vision for your future, discover your dreams, and create a roadmap to get there!

Unlock the gateway to your ultimate happiness through the transformative power of creating your personal Vision Board.

Embrace a journey that goes far beyond merely cutting pages from a magazine – it's a profound process that opens up the untapped potential of your mind!

Immerse yourself in three exclusive 2-hour 1:1 sessions, expertly crafted by Debbi, who brings her unparalleled Dare to Declare framework to the table.

This isn't just any coaching experience; it's a life-changing opportunity to manifest your dreams and aspirations.

With Debbi's guidance and support, you'll embark on a deeply personal and powerful Vision Board creation, set to ignite a remarkable shift in your life.

Picture a life where your deepest desires materialize and where every step you take aligns with your true purpose.

Debbi's bespoke approach ensures that your Vision Board becomes a beacon of clarity, directing you towards the path of fulfillment and joy.

Don't settle for mediocrity; embrace the chance to harness your brain's potential and unveil the life you've always envisioned. Dare to take that leap, and experience the profound impact of a personalized Vision Board designed to turn your dreams into reality.

In this 1:1 experience you will:

  • Work with Debbi to get clarity and focus on the life you truly want

  • Begin to interpret your dreams based on your intuitive images & word choices

  • Discover how to make more intentional choices and deepen your intuition

  • Learn how to apply the principles of Law of Attraction in your life to manifest what you want

  • Be empowered to take action and to see your future laid out in a visionary way

  • Receive personalized guidance and coaching to help you apply the Dare to Declare principles to your life

  • Find the encouragement to declare your truth and your dreams out loud

What you need to have the day of:

  • An internet connection, foam core board 20x30, photo of yourself in a happy time, scissors, glue, access to magazines or a printer

Total Investment: $2997

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