Vision Board Masterclass

Debbi’s online Vision Board Masterclass is now open for enrollment! 



Welcome to Dare to Declare!

Here, with the professional leadership of Debbi Sluys and her Vision Board workshops, you will reveal your personal dreams, Dare to Declare your vision for yourself and take important steps to accomplish your personal destiny.

You are here because you feel it is time for a change, to find purpose and happiness in your life.


In-Person Vision Board Workshops

Explore Debbi’s Vision Board workshop options and find the perfect one just for you, with your partner, or with a group of your friends.
Be creative. Be playful. Uncover your dreams!


Dreaming Vision Board Workshop

This is the perfect workshop for Vision Board beginners or groups who want to have fun together (ie. team building, wedding shower, book clubs, girls' night out).

7 Life Areas Vision Board Workshop

Usually held on selected Saturday afternoons, this 4-5 hour Vision Board workshop is perfect to help you set goals in specific areas of your life. You'll also learn how to use your new Vision Board daily to manifest YOUR best life!

Graduate Journaling Workshop

This 2½ – 3-hour Vision Board workshop is for those who have taken any of our previous workshops or masterclasses. Here you will dig deeper into their original Vision Board goals.

Debbi is someone who leads with her whole heart and mind.

Her leadership not only engages people, it captivates and motivates others to continue to be their best. Those seeking inspiration and a desire for growth will surely benefit from Debbi’s ability to feed one’s soul!


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Is your name your super power?

This week a new LinkedIn contact reminded me of the spelling source of my name. I was named Deborah Grace. Named for the strong biblical judge and my grandmother. My parent's shortened it to Debby. At 16 I changed the spelling to Debbi (no "e") because I could and it...

I have a secret….

I have a secret….

I have a secret… During an interview I would check out the interviewee’s shoes. It revealed something about them. The obvious would be if they were too casual or in disrepair. In retrospect I wonder if my judgments were true or a reflection of my own insecurities and...

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Laugh Longer

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