You Are the Expert of Your Experience

Recently I was mentoring a friend about “being social”, meaning how to use social media to grow her business. We were discussing what the topic of her first Facebook Live could be. She brought up the challenges in parenting from a discussion she had shared with other mothers the previous evening. Then to my surprise, in the next sentence, she dismissed her insights by saying, “ I’m not a parenting expert”. I reassured her that she is the expert of her experience. She heartily agreed and wrote my statement, took a deep breath and confidently videoed her inaugural Facebook Live… which was amazing! You decide… you can catch Michelle Wiens on her Facebook page.

Later, we had an opportunity to discuss her initial response further. We surmised that not only do we not think we are experts, we often dismiss our greatness because it comes easy. (I was on a roll that day…as she wrote that down, too!) I witness this regularly in the Dare to Declare Vision Board workshops.

A woman identifies what she really loves to do and it meets the other three criteria of Purpose:

  1. it can be monetized,
  2. the world needs it, and
  3. it’s what you’re good at.

The last one point is often discounted. When I ask the participant to pause & expound on it, they reply, “But it’s so easy… can’t everyone do that”? NO, not everyone can, or wants to! This is true for women I’ve coached who sell preserves, paint, garden, decorate or expertly facilitate children’s play.

You ARE the expert of your experience. What are you really good at that comes easy to you?

Showing up your best self and sharing it with others creates dialogue and a sense of community. When I am in that mindset and flow I am attracting the same circle of people to me.

“Sometimes the bravest and most important thing you can do is just show up.”
~ Brene Brown