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Are you seeking an exceptional speaker and trainer who can ignite a fire of inspiration and empowerment at your next event?

With her expertise as a former Childcare Director and years of experience in guiding individuals to unlock their inner power, Debbi is your go-to resource for transforming lives and empowering professionals to be the best versions of themselves.

“As we wrap up and reflect on the conference, we wanted to thank you for your contribution to the success and joy that everyone felt. Debbi, who knew there was so much power in one word! Thank you for your message and positive energy, you had an energizing impact on those that attended your session! There is still a buzz in the community from the information and comradery shared during this conference. You were a key part in rejuvenating this sector of professional educators. Thank you. ”

The Conference Committee Heather, Pam, Monica, and Colleen

Debbi Delivers Dynamic Workshops On:

How to Create 10 Habits to Get What You Really Want (1.5 hours)

Offered virtually.

In this workshop, participants will learn to apply strategies to experience joy and unlimited success in your life!


1. Better recognize and embrace the purpose of joy in your life.

2. Uncover a proven framework to identify what you truly want.

3. Discover the 10 habits to commit to in order to achieve any goal.

Extraordinary Environments – Consider your walls (2 hours)

Offered virtually or in person

An interactive, reflective workshop which invites educators to think about their practice of displaying on their walls. The workshop framework covers the following four areas;

1. Align the environment to values.

2. Walls that silence.

3. Intentional display.

4.The Joy of Aesthetics.

Educators and Supervisors will learn about how their view of the child is reflected to themselves, the families and the children in the choices they make for the displays in the playroom. They will see the connection to their environment and How Does Learning Happen.

They will feel inspired by the examples and challenged to re-examine their own playroom choices to offer respectful, educational and fresh displays which reflect the children and the learning which is occurring.

They will uncover the early years “four letter” word which should not be used to describe playroom displays. Participants will be offered such language as “prime-real estate” and “billboard” when considering their choice for displays. It will re-ignite their passion for early years and re-align their purpose for their extraordinary work!

Power Words- Mini Vision Board with Power (2 hours)

Offered virtually or in person | Supplies and branded pen included when in person.

In this two hour introductory Vision board workshop participants will be invited to choose a “Power Word” and design a Mini Vision Board around it.

Debbi will guide participants through the fun, visionary process. They will discover “aha” moments as they uncover the power of their subconscious mind.


1. An understanding of the power of focus on a singular word.

2. Feelings of clarity, inspiration, and motivation.

3. An awareness of the power of mindset and the power word.

Lead Like it Matters – Find Your “It Factor” (3 hours)

Offered virtually or in person

By the end of this 3-hour workshop you will be better prepared to respond to today’s challenges as a leader.


1. Reinvigorate your perspective on leadership and recommit to building the capacity of others.

2. Regain confidence in yourself as a leader and become an empowered decision maker.

3. Apply strategies to re-engage your team to cultivate a positive culture within your organization.

Live On Purpose With Purpose (3 hours)

Offered virtually or in person

“If we say yes to life, we will tend naturally to extend respect to others.”

Developing a positive attitude and taking it to work!

We all know that a positive attitude can change our personal lives for the better.

But what about creating a positive attitude toward your work? Can you be the positive beacon in your workplace?

Through Debbi’s new workshop, leaders will learn how to change their own mindset toward their work and create a culture of enthusiasm, empowerment and contagious respect in the workplace.

Key messages:

*Find out what is stealing your joy.

*Change your mindset so you feel less obligation and more enthusiasm.

*Gratitude for your life and your work can lead to “absolute safety”.

*Build empowerment into your workplace.

*Grow an enriching culture of RESPECT in the workplace through Team Tools.

Cultivating a Caring Culture Through Consideration (2 hours)

Offered virtually

“Culture is the way you think, act and interact”

A sign of a positive workplace culture is laughter. How much laughter do you hear at your workplace?

As a follow-up to her “Work Life Blend” Workshop, Debbi has created “Cultivating a Caring Culture Through Consideration”, which guides Organizational Leaders through important steps to take to make their workplace a better place to be…for everyone.

The “Cultivating Culture Through Consideration” illustrates how simple “considerations” can revitalize your workplace and make it like a second, pleasant home to your employees.

By fostering empathy, compassion, and support among team members, you'll create a work environment where everyone feels seen, heard, and appreciated, leading to increased employee satisfaction, reduced turnover, and ultimately, a more successful and harmonious organization.

Debbi shares tips that will make:

*Hiring Practices and Policies more appealing

*Leadership Communication more intentional and positive

*Generating fresh ideas easier and more rewarding

Have Debbi Create A Vision Board Experience For Your Team or Next Event

Hiring Debbi to create a Vision Board Experience at your next event is the game-changing decision your company needs to ignite passion, purpose, and productivity among your team.

With her exceptional expertise and engaging facilitation, Debbi will guide the audience on a transformative journey, unleashing their creativity, aligning their goals, and fostering a stronger sense of camaraderie.

Through this immersive and empowering experience, the audience will gain clarity on their individual and collective aspirations, allowing them to approach their work with renewed enthusiasm and focus.

Debbi's Vision Board Experience is more than just a fun activity; it's a catalyst for personal and professional growth, resulting in a motivated and inspired workforce that's ready to tackle challenges and seize opportunities.

Don't miss the chance to create an unforgettable event that leaves a lastiButtonng impact!

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