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“Does your face light up?” This is the question Maya Angelou asked during an Oprah interview when referring to adults greeting children. This question inspired Debbi to name the Dare to Declare space the “Light Up Studio”. Her desire is that the thousands who enter the physical space or participate online feel welcomed, safe and have a sense of belonging.

Welcome to Dare to Declare where participants are coached to dream and create a Vision board to support a life of intention, gratitude and purpose. The Dare to Declare Academy is an opportunity for coaches and entrepreneurs to expand their impact and revenue. Debbi’s desire is that they then spread the light from their Visionary experience to others.

The Dare to Declare Academy is a 6 week certification program
(with 12 months of support)
for coaches who are ready to attract the right clients and achieve their income goals month after month, by becoming a Certified Dare to Declare™ Vision Board Facilitator.

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Manifest your dreams and goals
in 5 simple steps.

Discover if you’re truly leveraging the
power of Vision to live your best life.

Gain clarity on the next steps you need to take to achieve a lifetime of fulfillment. 


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A workshop for the coach or entrepreneur who is ready to have a tool to achieve clarity and focus in their business and personal life.

If you’re ready to stop spinning in circles and get the clarity and focus you need to truly move forward, the Dreaming Vision Board Workshop is for you.
In this workshop you’ll learn…

  • The truth about tapping into your intuition.
  • How to create a powerful Vision board that works! (even if you’re doing it for the first time)
  • Insider secrets to interpret your dreams based on intuitive images and word choices.
  • What most people don’t know about the Law of Attraction and its principles to help you get the results you desire.
Get Your 5 Step Guide To Creating a Powerful Vision Board to Mainfest Your Goals

Get Your 5 Step Guide To Creating a Powerful Vision Board to Mainfest Your Goals


Gain clarity and focus in your life by applying the strategies in this guide to create your own Vision board. 

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